We have new arrivals and greater varieties this time. Besides Korean fashion accessories like earrings, anklets, necklaces, there are also hair accessories and phone accessories etc.

I saw one of the hair accessories, the Rose Pearl hairclip in a shop. It was selling at $23.50. We have the same ones at just $11.99. Pretty anklets available at less than $10. So check out the NEW ARRIVALS.

Enjoy Singapore Sales online without the squeeze and queue.

For every 3 items purchased, enjoy 50% on the 4th piece. Discount will be applied on the item with the lowest value.

Free normal mail within Singapore for purchases above $80. This promotion lasts till 31 July 09. Some items are limited pieces only. So don't wait too long.

Overseas shipping is available. Please contact jcwagons@rocketmail.com for more details.

Update on 13 May 09 - 925 Silver Accessories Catalogue

We have included a catalogue for 925 silver accessories. The reason for starting this catalogue is because there are enquiries for more selections of these accessories other than those on 925 Silver Accessories. As different people have different tastes, it's impossible to guess them all and we don't have deep pockets to bring in every design... So here it is, an extra catalogue for you to choose from. We will add new designs from time to time. The silver accessories in this catalogue is on preorder basis.

If you want to find accessories available immediately, click selections under "Shopping Categories" on the right hand side.

Update on 29 Apr 09 - New Swarovski Crystal Accessories for Selection

We have updated our Swarovski Crystal Catalog with the latest designs. You now have a wider range of accessories to choose from.

I was at CK Tang and saw Swarovski Crystal Accessories there. I had thought that our prices are 50% below market rate. To my astonishment, I discovered that we have priced much lower than our expectation. Take for example, their Earrings made with crystals smaller but similar to the ones used for "Champagne Toast" Bracelet cost a whopping $110. Our bracelet only cost 65.90 BEFORE discount. Only 2 crystals were used for the earrings while there were 5 crystals on the bracelet. Moreover the metal used was not even 925 silver, not gold either if that's what you are thinking..... Makes us wonder if we have priced our products tooo low! Well Ladies, tempted as we are, we had not raised our price, yet.... So hey, with or without promotion here, you still get the Swarovski Crystal Accessories at a steal.

There is bulk discount for purchase of 3 pieces and above now. See more details on "Sales" Tab above. So Ladies, if you feel like getting these, gather Ah Mah, Ah Ma, sisters and colleagues to place the order with you and take advantage of greater discount loh.